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8th of July 2013,

REA is your one stop shop premier Solar Power installation company in Brisbane. We provide our customers with the very best in technology and performance and are proud to announce the new LG NEOn Solar system which features the LG Electronics NEOn solar panel. The award winning LG NEOn system features a number of differences from your conventional solar systems that are currently sold and installed in the Australia. 

Below diagrams showcase some of the mechanical differences with the LG NEOn Solar Panel:

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1366380994knowledgebase 03                                  Logo         Panel Neon

Below diagram shows the new Micro AC Solar system feature:


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Neon Performance Graph

10th of February 2012,

REA presents its new Commercial solar systems to the market featuring the latest in STP Tri-Power inverter technology by SMA Germany. With the help of our partners LG Electronics, Renesola and SMA we have created the ultimate commercial solar in Brisbane. If you use significant amounts power during business hours your return on investment can be over 35%. Instead of buying power from the electricity grid you simply use your REA solar power system to power your building; which helps relieve the pain of ever rising electricity costs. Invest in a Cash Flow Positive commercial solar system today and begin saving like hundreds of other REA commercial solar customers. 

Consumption Graphic2



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